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Speaker: CAO Gang
Affiliation: Yunnan University
Datetime: 2:30-3:30pm, June 24, 2016
Venue: Small School Meeting Room
Abstract: Pulsars are rotating neutron stars with very strong magnetic fields. These objects form highly magnetized magnetospheres. Pulsars can produce the electromagnetic radiation throughout almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum from radio to gamma-ray bands. However, the origin of pulsar emission still remains uncertain. This uncertainty mainly comes from our lack of knowledge of pulsar magnetosphere structure. The detail of pulsar magnetosphere structure is crucial for identifying the potential sites of particle acceleration and gamma-ray emission. The structure of pulsar magnetospheres can not be solved analytically. This brings simulations to the forefront as the alternative tool. A spectral method is developed to solve a set of the full Maxwell equations. In this method, both electric and magnetic fields are expanded in terms of the vector spherical harmonic functions in spherical geometry and the divergencelessness of magnetic field is enforced analytically by a projection method. Then, the method is used to present the time-dependent simulation of the axisymmetric force-free pulsar magnetosphere. Further, the code is extended to 3D geometry by including the azimuthal fourier transform. The 3D structure of the oblique pulsar magnetosphere is simulated by the pseudo-spectral code. A family of solutions that smoothly transition from the Deutsch vacuum solution to the force-free solution are produced . The simulation results are qualitatively consistent with the previous obtained results .

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