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Speaker: Dr. M.J.Nemati
Affiliation: Dalian University of Technology
Datetime: 10:00-11:00am, Jan 17,2017
Venue: Y12
Abstract: Magnetic reconnection, a topological rearrangement of magnetic field lines, is a fundamental process in plasmas. The typical time scales of reconnection in solar dynamic events demonstrate the existence of fast reconnection. In recent years, there have been significant new developments in reconnection theory that provide alternative and more convincing mechanisms for fast reconnection. One of them is the plasmoid instability. This super-Alfvénic instability occurs in an extended current sheet, when the Lundquist number \[S\] exceeds a critical value. The large-aspect-ratio current sheet is fragmented by born, growing, coalescing and ejection of plasmoids that this phenomenon has been proposed as a possible mechanism for fast reconnection scenario. Recently, a wide variety of plasmoids observational have been presented, ranging from space and astrophysical phenomenon to magnetically confined laboratory plasmas, where there are many evidences of observational plasmoid-like features supported by direct numerical simulations.

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