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Speaker: Peter P. Eggleton
Affiliation: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Datetime: 2:30-3:30pm,June 15th(Friday)
Venue: Room 427, Mainbuilding
Abstract: I discuss 60 observed binary stars, all containing at least one component evolved to the giant region, which I have attempted to fit with theoretical models. They are a fairly severe test of such processes as convective core overshooting, mass loss, and circularisation by tidal friction. Although several systems agree with the theoretical mass-loss model used, about 10 seem to have too much (theoretical) mass loss and about 10too little, by factors of up to 5. The conclusion appears to be that there is something inherently chaotic in mass loss. The tidal friction model does better, but two systems seem to have two much, and two have too little.

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