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Speaker: Peter P. Eggleton
Affiliation: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Datetime: 11:00-12:00am,June 19th(Tuesday)
Venue: Room 427, Mainbuilding
Abstract: With Ludmila Kisseleva-Eggleton, I have developed a model for the creation, evolution and destruction of close binaries -- meaning binaries of two main sequence B - F stars with periods less than about 3 days. This model includes nucleation within primordial gas/dust clouds, formation of triples often by gravitational scatttering of one binary off another, Kozai-Lidow cycles where tidal friction leads to close inner binaries, shrinkage of binaries by magnetic braking, Roche-lobe overflow, heat exchange in contact binaries due to equatorial acceleration, evolution to extreme mass ratios, and rapid coalescence due to the Darwin instability. Since the system was triple at an early stage, the result is a binary where the secondary may be a lot more evolved than the primary. Several such systems are in fact known.

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